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Having difficulty running Social Media Ads that dont convert to sales or leads? We are here to help you run adverts that convert to sales and also give you massive return on Ads spent. Because we know that businesses have different Ads budget, we have map out differrent plan that fits into any budget and also give you results.


1 Social Media Channel

  • 2 Advert Campaign
  • 4 Unique Ads
  • 4 Monthly Advertising Targeting And Copy Tweaks


  • 3 Advert Campaigns
  • 6 Unique Ads
  • 2 Custom Ads Images
  • 6 Monthly Advertising Targeting And Copy Tweaks
  • 1 Social Media Remarketing Ad/Campaign

Full Combo

  • 4 Advert Campaign
  • 8 Unique Ads
  • 4 Custom Ad Image
  • 8 Monthly Advertising Targeting And Copy Tweaks
  • 1 Social Media Remarketing Ad Campaign
  • Demographic Testing
  • Keyword, Interest, User Intent Targeting
  • 1 Advert Post Per Week On Facebook and Instagram Influencer Page With 1.5 Million Followers And 220,000 Followers Respectively

* All price plan on the list are what we charge to run a successful social media advert for you *EXCLUSIVE OF YOUR AD BUDGET*

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