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Do you want to generate sales without having to be online 24/7?

We understand how stressful it is to always be online and reply to all your customers who always want to get information about your products or services.

Most businesses that sell products online have missed a whole lot of customers because of a bad website design and poor mobile responsive website

And equally, Most businesses that offers services have missed a whole lot of clients due to the fact that those clients forgot their appointment date or never have the opportunity to book an appointment on your website because of how slow the website is.

At V9ja online marketing, we help you to create a responsive website that is mobile friendly and highly convertible for whatever purpose you want to use the website for.

Everyone have a website but not every one make sales from it. Don’t be that person.

Website Design And Development

Why Do You Need Web Design And Development Service

While most business owners are cashing out through their website without stress, other business owners are struggling to make sales on social media and stressing out themselves.

What happen when you don’t have a website as a business owner:

  • Poor Customer Relationship
  • Your monthly budget for advertisement will rise because you depend solely on advertisement to make sales
  • Customers will keep dropping off because no body wants to do business with someone that is not credible enough of not having a website where they can learn more about you
  • Your business will not be known outside the country or state or anywhere the business is resided.

Here is what happens when you have a website:

  • Your potential customers see you as a professional in your field of business
  • Your potential customers sees you as an authority figure that can solve their problem through your product or services by getting free resources to what can help them solve their problems from your website.
  • You can wake up to alerts or consultation and not bothered about keeping your client/customers waiting.
  • Having a website gives you the freedom you need to attend to other areas of your business. 
  • You live the life of a boss that you are and still be receiving credit alert even without being online
  • Hitting sales target every month.
  • Your customers get access to you easily.
  • You gain trust and credibility from potential customers because your business website will be recognized by google.
  • You dont depend on social media alone to make sales
  • When your account on social media get ban or restricted, you will never be out of business because you have a website that is getting you sales.
  • And many more.

What Our Web Design And Development Services Can Do For You:

Always resist the urge of trying to do just any website for your business and let professionals handle it for you because we have the tools and expertise to create not just a website but a highly responsive website that is 100% mobile friendly and supported by Google search engine and ready for sales conversion.

With our Web Design And Development Service you will get:

  • A professional website that is optimized to make you sales.
  • Your website will be 100% mobile responsive.
  • We help you to maintain your website for some period to avoid your website from being hacked.
  • You dominate your competitors
  • We also give you guidelines on how to generate traffic to your website for free
  • And many more.

Our Design Process


Schedule a one on one Consultation


We develop a good website according to your needs


We send A review to you for approval


100% support and maintenance

Frequently Ask Questions

You don’t need to break the bank to have a profession website. Having a good responsive website for your business is a long term investment that gives you return on investment. 

Because we know that not all businesses have the funds to get a quality website, we have 3 different packages that will fit into your budget. Take a look at our prices and see what best fit your budget.

So many factors can make one not to get conversions from their website. Factors like page not loading fast both on mobile and desktop and other critical factors. Getting conversion From your website is what makes you different from your competitor’s website. Why will one have a website and not have conversion from it.

We at v9ja Online Marketing, we help create website that that converts potential customers to paying customers.

You don’t need to maintain your website yourself. Because we know you don’t have that time and you also want to focus on other areas of your business, we have taken that burden off your shoulders.

We help our clients to maintain their website for them in other not to get attacked by hackers at no cost.

90% of users browse with their phones and that’s why any website we create for our clients is always 100% responsive on mobile and desktop. 

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