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Are you finding it difficult to get your website on google ranking because of On Page, Off-Page and technical SEO related issues?

Our SEO services is the right fit for you to get your website optimized for search engine.

If you are interested in getting organic traffic from google search engine without paying a dim to google, then click the button below to get started.

SEO services

Why Do you Need Search Engine Optimization

The reason you should invest your money and time on SEO is, SEO Gets you organic traffic to your website which convert visitors to paying customers and also gives your brand a massive online visibilities. As simple as that right? Your competitors are doing it and you shouldn’t be left behind.

While you are busy spending thousands of money on advertisement, just to get one customer, your competitors are busing getting thousands of organic traffic for free.

  • SEO is a life time investment that continuously gives you sales.
  • SEO is a must have tool for your business that you can’t do without if you want to gain massive organic traffic and sales without paying for advertisement.

What Our SEO Services Can Do For You

  • Help your website rank on google search engine
  • Help your business to be found on local search
  • Getting return on SEO investment continuously
  • Getting thousands of organic search that can eventually turn to paying customers 
  • Be able to know what particular page your website visitors are spending time on
  • You gain trust and credibility from potential customers because your business website will be recognized by google.
  • Your potential customers sees you as an authority in your field of business
  • And many more

It’s no news that google is the largest search engine platform in the world. When we mean largest, we are talking about having more data, number of users and searches on a daily basis.

Do you know that people make 63,000 searches every seconds for products or services that can solve their problems, and other important things on google? Approximately, there are 5.6 billion searches per day on google.

This people are searching for what your business can solve. Putting your product in front of this users on google top page through search engine optimization is the best thing that can ever happen to you and your business.

SEO services

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Frequently Ask Questions

There are two ways to be at the top of Google search engine. One is the paid way through google ads and the other is the free way through SEO.

In other to get there freely, there are so many factors like the On-Page, Off Page and Technical SEO and many more, you must consider and apply in order for google to find your website ready to be on google search engine. 

At v9ja online marketing, We have the right tools and strategy in place to help you solve any SEO related issues you are facing. at an affordable fee.

We know not all businesses have the same budget. so we have different pricing that is sure to fit into your budget. check it out.

Google search engine is looking for website that can solve people’s problem when they search for it. With the right SEO strategy, you will get thousands of traffic from google search engine for free.

That is why we are here to help and guild you with the right SEO strategy and professional tools to help your website get in front of your audience when they search for your kind of business or services. Check out our SEO service pricing for more information.

When people search for a problem that your business has solution for, and they find you on google search, they are more likely to convert to sales because you already helped them to answer their doubt questions they may be having and will likely convert to paying customers. When this happens, they see you as an authority in your field that has the perfect solution to their problems.

There is no specific figure to that on the number of month it can take for a website to rank on google. Alot of factors can make a website rank at different number of month.

We usually advice our client that SEO takes time like 4-6 month to start seeing result. And before you start seeing the results, your website must be SEO ready to start seeing result.

Like we usually tell businesses that want to use the SEO rout to get sales. SEO is a long term investment that when you get it right, you will surely enjoy the fruits of your investment for a long period of time.

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